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gerovital tabletsPharmaceutical grade Gerovital tablets with 100mg of Procaine Hcl.
This is the original formula developed more than forty years ago in Romania by Dr. Ana Aslan. Gerovital H3 is still the most trusted and most effective GH3 anti-aging therapy available anywhere in the world.

For years Gerovital H3 or GH3 for short, was exclusively accessible to the very wealthy, Hollywood stars, leaders of state and rulers of rich, powerful nations; the reason being that the cost of receiving this therapy was very expensive to the typical person.

Gerovital H3 treatment, is normally taken tablet form, is finally within the reach of those people who wanted to look and feel younger and healthier into later years of their life at a very affordable price.

Our Company has a strict policy of only releasing GH3 products that can be supported by medical and clinical studies.

Every active ingredient in our authentic formula has a beneficial purpose. We don't include inferior quality of Procaine Hydrochloride just to make a label claim. We include the exact amount that have been shown to work in research and real life.

This means you will feel and notice the results! This generates word-of-mouth recommendation and repeat orders, the only honest way to grow a business. Our product is only released for sale, after we are confident it is safe, non-toxic, and most importantly works as well in real life, as it does theoretically.

Our advanced, original pharmaceutical formula with 100mg of Procaine Hydrochloride guarantees a potency and effectiveness not matched elsewhere. This is the highest quality available today!

aslan gerovital doctor

"Every month I am more amazed with the anti-aging results - after giving the tablets to 50 patients and taking it myself for several months - they are not only very significant physical improvements, but mental and emotional ones as well". (Dr. Albert Simard, Member of the American Medical Association).

Dr. Aslan's unique formulation
and therapy may eliminate the fear of senility and the unproductive existence of people attaining advanced age. Everyone has the right to live longer, enjoy life, view life with happiness, be free of senility, and free themselves of the tensions of aging. The aging people can overcome the fears of advancing age, dependence on their children, charity or sanitariums. Cell regeneration and the regeneration of damaged tissues would retard the negative aspects' of the aging process. This product could very well be the breakthrough long sought by medical science in its continuous fight against aging, and the ailments and diseases associated with advanced age that afflict the human body.

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