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GH3 Gerovital advanced original Romanian formula tablets
with 100% Procaine Hydrochloride. Highest quality and purity available.




01 container: 60 x 100mg Procaine tablets
US$ 22.00



03 containers: 180 x 100mg Procaine tablets
US$ 60.00



06 containers: 360 x 100mg Procaine tablets
US$ 98.00



12 containers: 720 x 100mg Procaine tablets
US$ 190.00




24 containers: 1440 x 100mg Procaine tablets

US$ 348.00

GH3 Creme anti-aging moisturising creme
with finely balanced Procaine Hcl - Never tested on animals

1 Jar container x 50g (1.80oz)

US$ 27.80
3 Jars x 50g for the price of two! Get one free! US$ 55.60

Combination cream and tablets DISCOUNTED packs
1 Jar GH3 creme plus 3 bottles GH3 tablets US$ 81.80
2 Jars GH3 creme plus 6 bottles GH3 tablets US$ 143.60

GEROVITAL H3 Injections - Original Romanian Zentiva™

2 boxes x 5 vials (10 injections / $38.25 per box) US$ 76.50
6 boxes x 5 vials (30 injections / $35.90 per box) US$ 215.40
12 boxes x 5 vials (60 injections / $33.10 per box) US$ 397.20
24 boxes x 5 vials (120 injections / $30.25 per box) US$ 726.00

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BEWARE, the American market is flooded with fake GH3!
There are a number of companies selling Gerovital H3 (GH3) with the pretence of offering the REAL thing. They say that their product is the "original formula" when it does not even contain Procaine Hydrochloride (Procaine HCl). We tested most of these products and discovered that they DO NOT contain Procaine HCl! Some manufacturers offer "Procaine Free" GH3 . They are often a concoction of various ingredients, (e.g. PABA, DMEA) that have nothing to do with GH3. DO NOT touch them, they will NOT work!

Other products we tested contain an insignificant or impure form of Procaine HCl that makes the formula absolutely useless and, it might in some cases, be harmful to your health! Some companies make exaggerated SPECIAL OFFERS with extra tablets and/or additional units given away "FREE" on your basic purchase. Do not be fooled, GH3 is expensive to make properly and, giving away large amounts of product in this way, can only be achieved by using cheap ingredients and low quality Procaine HCl. Do not touch them, they will NOT work!

We only sell the REAL - Pharmaceutical Grade - GEROVITAL H3 that was created by Dr. Prof. Ana Aslan in Romania during the 1950s'.
Our product is manufactured in a Government Licenced Laboratory. Our GEROVITAL H3 (GH3) is only released for sale, after we are confident it is safe, non-toxic, and most importantly works as well in real life, as it does theoretically. Our advanced, original formulation with 100mg of Procaine Hydrochloride guarantees a potency and effectiveness not matched elsewhere. When you make a purchase from us, you are fully protected by our 30-days FULL REFUND Credit Card Policy.

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