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Gerovital: is antiaging Possible With GH3?

  • The promise of prolonged youth and the testimonials of thousands of patients have carried word of a seemingly miraculous treatment far beyond the borders of the People's Republic of Rumania. Rumania is the nation of origin of Ana Aslan, M.D., director of the National Institute of Gerontology and Geriatrics. Under her supervision, a staff of 1,000 in over 200 Rumanian clinics give treatment to reverse aging (anti-aging) using the drug she has developed called Gerovital H3 (GH3).
  • Pilgrimages for antiaging therapy by notables including French President Charles De Gaulle, U.S. President John F. Kennedy, West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, Chinese Chairman Mao Tse Tung and Vietnamese Chairman Ho Chi Minh, were taken to acquire injections of this youth drug. Actresses Marlene Dietrich, Lillian Gish, the Gabor sisters, and actors Charlie Chaplin and Kirk Douglas and artist Salvador Dali have made the journey. They traveled to the Otopeni Clinic just outside the ancient city of Bucharest, where Dr. Aslan does her research with GH3. Once discovered by these celebrities, Gerovital itself has become famous and is now used in over twenty countries around the world for its antiaging properties. It is available over the counter without prescription in England, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not approve of its distribution in any of the other fifty states, and the American Medical Association concurs with this ruling. [GH3 can be legally imported in the USA, for personal use. You may purchase here our pharmaceutical grade, original formula with 100mg of Procaine Hcl

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  • GH3 is simply the local anesthetic procaine hydrochloride--used by dentists and podiatrists - to which has been added buffering agents and other chemicals to create a hybrid drug (Gerovital H3). The additives have transformed this local anesthetic into a new medicine that possibly reverses the aging process (anti-aging). How this came about makes for an interesting story and reveals a lot more about procaine and its youth restoring properties.

  • It took a dramatic incident to convince Dr. Aslan that she should continue to concentrate her efforts on developing procaine H3 for anti aging therapy. She was satisfied that it had many unknown benefits. When injecting procaine H3 into arthritic joints and other areas of pain, she noticed her patients' response was most satisfactory. Joints heretofore immobile or frozen were now mobile and flexible, almost normal. Under Dr. Parhon's guidance, she continued to experiment at the fine laboratory facilities at his Institute, working to find the drug's effectiveness on the aged. Dr. Parhon is convinced that the old age process is treatable exactly as any other disease. Dr. Aslan, with her research background, advanced his theory that old age was not only treatable but could also be retarded.
  • Gerontologists concur that as the body grows older, definite physiological changes occur. Many patients exhibit the following group of symptoms: Premature aging with its complex group of symptoms Diseases of the aged, loss of memory, energy and vitality Diseases of the nervous system, diminished hearing abilities, visual acuity and dulled mental functions Diseases of muscles and joints, rheumatism and arthritis Diseases of skin and allergies, baldness, psoriasis, and the old appearance of the skin, face and body. Diseases of the cardiovascular system, angina pectoris and varicose veins Diseases of the gastrointestinal system, ulcers and stomach disorders.
  • Prof. Aslan believes that the body's inherent natural ability to replace cells lost through disease and age diminishes through the years. Procaine supplements the body's ability to regenerate the cells. She is convinced that cell regeneration is responsible for a return of youthfulness to older people. Her experiments with mice, for the next few years, substantiated her theory that besides removing the effects of a disease, it had no side reactions.
    [Chapter 10 from "Nutrients to Age Without Senility" by Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D. and Morton Walker, D.P.M]

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