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(4) What could GH3, Gerovital do for you...
  • GH3 sexual potency
  • GH3 and Herpes
  • GH3 and Cancer
  • Heart Attack/Stroke
  • GH3 and Allergies
  • GH3 Hair Regrow/Color
  • GH3 Common Illnesses
  • GH3 Depression
  • Osteoporosis
  • Sickle-Cell Anemia
  • Blood Sugar Level
  • Stress
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Body Weight
  • Life Extension

Since Gerovital is a nutrient, the exact improvements are not predictable for any one person. It works at a cellular level and therefore the action is general rather than specific.

The changes arising from gerovital are usually subtle. Individuals used to the dramatic effects of synthetic drugs may not notice the any difference day to day.

In assessing the benefits, experience shows that it is preferable to look back over several months. Changes in physical and mental status then can be evaluated. Some users of the product report remarkable benefits.

In order to give gerovital a fair test at least a three month period is recommended. gerovital works slowly like a vitamin and a three-month or more period is important for a proper evaluation in a individuals body. The "cell regeneration process" will take effect from then onward, sometimes with spectacular results.

  • Gerovital and sexual potency
    Some researchers believe that decreased levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin lead to impotence. Serotonin is a substrate of MAO. Ideally, MAO metabolizes the serotonin so it will not become too prominent. Rising levels of MAO, which may appear after age 45 thus, accompany falling levels of serotonin. Gerovital has a demonstrated ability to inhibit excess MAO. Thus it may tend to normalize serotonin levels and restore potency. Estrogen and androgen production can be a factor in sexual characteristics and performance as well. Parhon, Aslan and Danila and Untea conducted studies in this area. They concluded that gerovital tends to increase deficient estrogen and androgen levels. It appears that this simulative effect only occurs where these factors are subnormal.
  • Gerovital H3 and herpes
    To date, there is noting that will eliminate herpes. However a relevant research study was conducted by J. Earle Officer of the University of Southern California. He showed that herpes I and herpes II viruses did not become active in the presence of gerovital.

  • Gerovital and cancer
    There is no definitive answer to this question. Studies by J Earl Officer also showed that the C-type (cancer producing) viruses did not become active during gerovital experiments. Dr Aslan reported a statistical decrease in the appearance of neoplasm's in patient populations using gerovital long term.

  • Gerovital and heart attack / stroke
    The evidence remains inconclusive. Studies by Cohen and Ditman and by Aslan indicated a lowering of cholesterol levels in patients using gerovital The tendency for the product to normalise arterial pressure and heart rate also may play a role in preventing damage to the circulatory system. At the National Congress of Professors in Italy, 1974, the assembled scientists praised gerovital`s effectiveness against the accumulation of blood clots and cholesterol. They also agreed that it does not pose any health risks. Soon after beginning to take gerovital some people show an increase in cholesterol. Importantly, this level is measured in the blood. A temporary rise may indicate a mobilisation of the arterial deposits.

  • Gerovital and allergies
    The body's immune system responds defensively to the presence of various substances from the environment. However, it may become sensitised to one of these antigens and over react. The normal protective response can get out of hand. The chemical consequences of this natural function gone awry may become an even larger problem. Histamine output increases and this may create many of the classic symptoms of an allergic reaction.

    Additionally, stress may leave the body open to an allergic reaction when the adrenal glands must respond more often. This can lead to a depletion of vital chemical defences gerovital may moderate these problems in several ways: (1) Researchers Ghali, Cohen and Aslan assert that gerovital is an antihistaminic (44) (2) Bucci has demonstrated that it moderates the adrenal response. (3) Acetylcholine is a counterpart of adrenaline. Since DEAE is a precursor to acetylcholine , it may promote a parasympathetic response during times of stress.

  • How does Gerovital make hair re-grow and re-colour?
    There is certainly ample scientific evidence that gerovital may help recolor and regrow hair Once again, the pharmacological action is not clearly understood. It is known that endocrine imbalances reduced circulation can lead to the weakening and thinning of hair. Poor nutrition or nutrition inadequately communicated to the scalp may result in poor hair quality. As already documented, gerovital reportedly helps restore endocrine balance. It improves circulation to all parts of the body through vasodilatation. PABA also is believed effective in improving hair quality.

  • The ionised and stabilised nature of gerovital may allow the PABA to perform even more effectively. The regrowing and recoloring of hair does not occur at all in some people. Even when it does, several years may pass before appreciable results are obtained. Nutrient or endocrine deficiencies may not be the cause in some instances of poor hair quality or hair loss. In these cases the product may not help.

  • Will Gerovital fortify the body against common illnesses?
    Dr. Aslan and her associates noted that 38% of subjects using gerovital showed a reduction in absenteeism from work A two year study by Untea and Bercu revealed that 76% of labourers doing piece work increased their incomes during the study if they were on gerovital These same workers experienced better concentration on the job and an absence of fatigue. As mentioned earlier, a serious influenza epidemic swept through Europe during one of the Romanian studies. DR Aslan reported a mortality rate of 3.2% in patients on gerovital In the untreated group, the mortality rate was 13.9%. An American report noted similar results 3.3% mortality was found among gerovital users, while the untreated group showed a 12.0% rate.

  • How does osteoporosis respond to Gerovital?
    Osteoporosis is primarily caused by a breakdown of bone structure and a loss of calcified tissue. It generally advances with age and therefore usually is identified with geriatric patients. However NASA physicians reported that space travellers in the weightless condition showed an alarming advance of osteoporosis. gerovital treated patients have shown a significant reduction in osteoporosis.

  • Results have been reported both in preventing and reversing it gerovital apparently encourages the body to retain calcium. Further, researchers report that over a period of several years remineralization of the whole skeleton can occur. A general thickening of the bones has been noted in patients treated with gerovital as well. gerovital may improve osteoporosis by its stimulation of the estrogens and androgens as previously documented. These two hormones currently are used as treatments for the condition.

  • Can Gerovital do anything for sickle-cell anemia?
    Researchers in one laboratory study showed that, when exposed to procaine, sickle cells would re-oxygenate. They concluded that procaine competes with calcium for membrane binding sites. Calcium is believed largely responsible for the brittle form of hemoglobin. This was a laboratory study only. However, the investigators took the position that procaine held promise for controlling sickle-cell deformity.

  • What effects does Gerovital has on blood sugar abnormalities?
    There is no extensive data on the subject. One study showed easier management of blood sugar level in diabetics using gerovital as an adjunct to insulin. It also suggested that blood sugar levels tended to become normal in cases where the values were aberrated slightly.

  • Will Gerovital H3 help reduce stress?
    gerovital exhibits anti-adrenergic properties and functions as a muscle relaxant. Both these factors may provide greater resistance to stress. As already explained, DEAE participates in the production of acetylcholine, the counterpart of adrenaline. gerovital facilitates both the elimination of toxins and the inhibition of excess MAO. Researchers consider these factors aspects of stress reduction as well.

  • Does Gerovital help multiple sclerosis patients?
    DR Gohbrandt , a West German surgeon, conducted a clinical trial with 87 multiple sclerosis patients. The gerovital treated subjects showed "remarkable improvement" No extensive clinical investigation has been undertaken in this area.

  • What will GH3 do for body weight?
    Once again, gerovital may act as a balancing factor, Clearly patients in a state of degeneration may fail to maintain a minimum safe body weight. Some geriatric patients, for example gradually "waste" away as they lose lean tissue. Studies demonstrate that the anabolic properties of gerovital can promote weight gain. At the same time , a slow metabolic rate can result in the failure to catabolize undesired body fat. Clinical inquiry suggests that gerovital increases a deficient basal metabolic rate.

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About Gerovital

Gerovital F.A.Q.


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